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Theory of Change

Seminal and recent research has demonstrated the positive longitudinal impact of music education on students’ academic achievement, and these impacts are especially salient for Elementary students. Music education has a documented positive impact on young children’s cognitive and developmental skills.

In addition to providing free lessons, The Crescendo Project also provides students materials (instruments, books, teaching) as well as opportunities for community performances and local concert exposure.


At The Crescendo Project, we believe that by providing free piano and music lessons to students from low-resource backgrounds, we increase students’ chances of pursuing a secondary music choice program in Palm Beach County. This makes competitive academic and arts learning more accessible, which quantitatively and qualitatively improves their post-secondary outcomes.

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Collaborative Learning

Our unique lessons are designed to facilitate peer communication and positive relationships through group learning. By combining duets and group playing with solo performances, we foster a range of musical experiences.


We pride ourselves in balancing both group and individual instruction. Our teachers connect with students and stay attentive while helping students every step of the way. From reading sheet music, finding the notes, and playing their hearts out, our teachers support our Crescendo kids in their musical journey.

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